Plan with me – February 2019 – ‘Adventure Time’ theme [Bullet Journal]

I’ll be the first one to admit that I am a very disorganized person when it comes to my surroundings. It doesn’t matter if it’s an object or an idea, somehow it will get lost throughout the day unless I get to write it down. Taking all of this into consideration, when I discovered the bullet-journal method, I was pretty excited to try it.

Now I will be honest: this is my third year trying to keep a bullet-journal. I could have played this really cool and be like: heck yeah, guys, this is my first-time bullet-journaling. But the struggle is real!

The first attempt lasted until the end of January 2017, the second one lasted until April 2018. This year I plan to journal my way all the way through December 2019. And to help me do this, I decided to pick up a theme for each month and document the process on this blog in case somebody else wants to try this method, but he or she is not really sure about it. Also, this month’s theme was inspired by another blog post which can be read here.

Month: February 2019
Period/Weeks: January 28th – March 3rd
Theme: Adventure Time

First spread: Title page

The title page for this month is pretty simple and it actually matches my January title page. January was a test month to me to decide exactly which route I want to take with this journal. This is why this month’s title page is so simple: a scribble, a logo, and a blue blob. On the blue blob, I will glue a polaroid that I will be taking this month to look back at it at the end of the year.

Second spread: Important dates & Gratitude box

Another simple page that contains an “Important dates” box where I am keeping track of upcoming birthdays or events I have to attend, and a “Gratitude” box in which I tend to write all the things that made me feel grateful at some point throughout the month. This is a free-form textbox, so there are no rules for completing this section. As you can see, all this information is guarded by Jack and Finn.

Third spread: February Trackers

This month I am experimenting with trackers and BMO is here to help go through it. I have recently moved to Amsterdam for a change of scenery, so I have a hard time focusing on what is really important to me at the moment.
In February I want to track 5 habits. I chose a “paint drop” style for this spread. This means that each day gets a paint drop in which I can paint freely with the colors mentioned in the index above. I will use one, two, three, four or five colors, depending on how many skill I get to exercise that day.

Fourth spread: Brain Storm

This is basically a Brain Dump spread, but I decided to name it Brain Storm since this is the place where I drop new ideas so I won’t forget them.

Five spread: Weekly spreads with Dutch Door set-up

This might be one of my favorites spreads this month. I decided to use most of the page for creating 6 boxes: 5 for the weekdays and 1 for the weekend. Then, using a pair of scissors, I cut the bottom part on 4 of the pages, so that it will create this beautiful spread. That way I can easily flip through the weekly spreads while having a common area: the Lumpy Space Princess’s domain.

Sixth spread: Mood tracker

Another new thing I am trying this month besides the ‘Dutch Door method’ on my ‘Weekly Spreads’ is the ‘Mood tracker’. One gemstone represents one day. Each gemstone will be filled with the appropriate color or colors, depending on how my mood was that particular day.

Extra spread: Sticker dump

It is a well-known fact that I am in love with stickers, especially with the ones I find on different surfaces around my city. So, every time I have a blank page between other already established spreads, I will make that page a ‘Sticker dump’ in which I will collect my stickers.

These are the spreads I created for this month. I will be taking this bullet-journaling thing one step at once and I will make sure I am having fun with it.

“Plan with me” articles will become a series on my blog and I will use the bullet journaling method to become more organized, while also feeding my creative self. I hope you’re joining me on this journey, because in 2019 we will remove all the unnecessary stress from our lives.

Happy journaling,

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